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Ten aspirations for 2014


1. To get a passport
Not done

2. To watch TV for a day without hearing the word “incredibly”
Not humanly possible; but see the 2015 aspirations

3. To learn how to use a mobile phone
I’ve taken two photographs and received a text message; it’s a start

4. To find a useful purpose for a mobile phone.
As with no. 3

5. To get to somewhere I actually need to go to by bicycle.
The bicycle hasn’t left the house

6. To get my e-mails completely up to date.
I did manage this for a couple of days

7. To find a successor as Esperanto librarian.
I never did expect this to happen

8. To pay off all my debts [easy] and find a good use for any leftover money [not so easy].
One small sum remains; 2015 will see the back of it. Still no ideas for the leftovers.

9. To get the house completely weatherproof.
This has very nearly happened.

10. To learn to love the Coalition Government.
No real chance of that; but there’s an election in 2015.