643 Home, sweet home – part 9

As I write this (May 2016) I’ve been in Letchworth for a couple of months, but the landmark event came a week or so ago with the sale of the house in Bedfield. For the first time in over 40 years I don’t own the place I live in.

One thing that continues is 18 years so far of living in unusual places. Mill Farm House was interesting for its location, its layout and, as far as I ever discovered it, its history.

You could say the same for Park Court in Letchworth. The building curves round the corner of a crossroads with, this being Letchworth, a roundabout in the middle. It’s in a relatively quiet part of town with a park just across the road. I haven’t yet looked into its history but this may be interesting as from the outside it looks more like a cinema than a block of flats.

It’s interesting inside too. I’m on the top floor, on the curved part with the pointy thing above, which means that, as well as only one of the five rooms being a conventional shape, the enormous windows which run all the way round give a panoramic view of all the things going on outside. More exactly, flats 18 and 19 overlap at the pointy thing, with no. 18, presumably a bedroom, having the windows, and behind that my kitchen, which has no windows. The other rooms are to the left (to the right on the picture) of the kitchen.

There are things I rarely saw in Bedfield, not just the surprisingly frequent no. 55 bus, which confusingly arrives from all directions and leaves in all directions, but also people walking their dogs and each other. And a man in a cosily covered powered wheelchair with advertising panels on the back; very large numbers of bicycles (mostly on the pavement); and customers collecting their takeways from one of two Chinese restaurants – the other one seems strangely unpopular.

In Bedfield I regularly heard a person driving noisily down the road late at night, perhaps a pub worker going home. Here it’s one of the loudest motorbikes I’ve ever heard, which comes and goes multiple times late in the evening, possibly delivering for the takeaway. At least I’m used to that, and by the time I’m seriously trying to get to sleep things are actually just as quiet as in Bedfield.

More pleasant things have carried over from Bedfield. There I frequently heard birds in the roof space; here I can see them too. Their way up into the loft is just outside my bedroom window, and as the birds are fairly big (blackbirds or similar) they have a difficult challenge flapping their wings enough to get up through a quite small opening.

As I had a lot of fun writing the Moving Experiences I’ve decided to continue by noting things seen from the window and other stray thoughts. When I’ve thought of a suitably witty title I’ll insert it here. And of course further thoughts may appear on this page.


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